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Surely you remember the ice cream delicacy, but of course not the hilt, but the right. That unique draught ice cream. And it doesn't matter whether the fruit is sorbet based or creamy. It is a Czech product, when original recipes were used and very important to the quality of the raw materials used.
With the right procedure, it reaches a draught ice cream, which is delicious and distinctive taste. We offer you dry powdered mixtures or ready-made frozen mixtures. Their use is very simple, saving your time, what is an undisputed advantage for you. Another advantage is the long shelf life, stable taste and another important component is hygienic safety.
Fast Preparation
Powdering mixture for the production of fruit-sorbet ice cream, it is very fast preparation. Sorbet is mixed with water and paste according to instructions and we have excellent ice cream. Our taste buds will come to you, just like your eyes. It's just a draft ice cream.