Give your apartment an elegant accessory

The interior decorations are many and the choice is really huge, but the decorations on the wall are not so much. Black and white paintings are a beautiful and elegant option for home accessories that will give you beauty and also cosiness. Even the possibilities of this kind of decoration are many and you can choose from hundreds of motifs that can be categorized as architecture, flowers, animals, landscapes, people and abstractions. If you do not choose from all these options and you want to make the decoration more personalized, then you can let us transform your own photos into a wonderful home-made accessory.
We give you the quality of production processes
All photo paintings are handmade in Slovakia. During the production we use 12-ink technology Canon, which gives you the color fastness, even black. This makes the supplements not fade after 50 to 100 years. If you make an order, it will come to you and you will not be satisfied with it, you have 14 days to exchange. In addition, we also offer transport and payment completely free of charge.