Basic Skeleton Materials

The material with the sofa beds does not differ from other products of the furniture industry. A proven base is a wooden massif, which is combined with various strong chipboard plates. Various metal joints are used for joining, which not only firmly holds the stability of the whole system, but are also easy to assemble and demountable. Like most furniture, sofas are usually delivered in a staggered state, so it is necessary to assemble everything in place. Otherwise it would be difficult and sometimes impossible to get a whole in one piece to the apartment. The upholstery is used with classic quality upholstery materials and covers a variety of upholstery materials of the highest quality and a plethora of color solutions.
Laminated or vened chipboard?
Chipboard parts are laminated in different color shades and patterns. Sofas decorated in a natural character can sometimes be made from vened chipboard boards. They preserve the structure of the wood and are suitable for a rustic environment, or for use in recreational buildings, cottages, etc.