Windows DECRO BZENEC ranks among the best in the Czech Republic

Replacing Windows is considered a very important decision. But if you choose a good company, it's a great investment for the future, which is guaranteed to be worthwhile. Our company offers you not only quality products (plastic windows, doors, Winter Gardens), but also guarantees for quality work. Our windows are produced by the TROCAL and HEROAL systems, which in itself guarantees a truly high quality.
Quality installation and quality facilities
Our company is absolutely stable, so do not worry, for example, that we would go bankrupt while working on your house. About how our company is about financial stability is evidenced by the prestigious certificate ČEKIA. We always agree with our customers on the smallest detail. We honor the principle of "our customer, Our Lord". You contact us and we guarantee your quality.

The best ideas for your home

Do you live in the city centre, near the train station, near a children's playground or at another busy spot, and the noise is already on your own? Is your car going through the windows every now and the hype is going to take your throat? You need windows that reliably insulate and mute annoying noises from the outside-you need our plastic windows.
Our Windows protect not only your ears from unpleasant and annoying street noise, they also have a heat-insulating function, preventing heat loss. Surely you would like to save on energy spending. Our plastic windows allow you to do this. In winter, you won't have to give the heater the highest level. These windows are equipped with insulating glass to prevent heat leakage and you can save on the cost of heating the house or apartment.

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You do not know what plastic windows to choose? Visit us. We advise you and we will gladly meet your requirements.

Quality of children!

Children's furniture is a fairly large part of our entire assortment. It is made of quality, wholesome materials, meets safety standards and great emphasis is placed on the quality of the processing itself. In addition, we take care of aesthetics of design, timeless design and a large selection of possible color options.
Satisfy Children's dreams!
Choose children's or student's rooms, which are assembled from a certain number of specific components or realize your own assembly, using optional elements that fully adapt to the diversity of the room and the needs of the child. You can also choose from a large number of children's beds. We offer single beds, beds with storage space or extra beds, or with a clever solution that combines both two variants. The beds are a bunk bed for occasional sleeping. Give your children peace where they can enjoy their adventures and dream their dreams!

Hot tub

However, the hot tub may not only become a source of passive rest after a hard day at work. You can also use it when you are an active athlete who has been hooked up to a demanding physical workout. But even such occasional runners or those who occasionally get on the bike can use it for muscle regeneration.
As Vidno, the hot tub can become a great companion for both active athletes and the occasional and not the only reason why you could not use it for regeneration and active rest after training.
The hot tub is therefore a great choice for anyone enjoying a relaxing break and the beneficial effects of the massage jets. You no longer have to fall asleep with a broken body, and the sore is then waking up.

How to get the warmth of home?

In addition to family and a derving embrace, the warmth of your home creates natural design and natural materials. Wooden shutters are no longer a survival of the past, but they become a natural and modern part of households and commercial spaces. Their natural look and smell discreingly give everyone a sense of comfort and nice memories. The natural materials that are specially formulated will guarantee a long life and quality of protection against shadow, noise and weatherproofing.
The elegance is not the limits

Do you want to have an elegant and cozy home where you will be happy to come back? Wooden blinds will give your dwelling both from the outside and from the inside an unexpected elegance, luxury and feeling of home. We will make a free offer and advise on the selection. We will secure the production and installation and warranty and after-warranty service. You arrange everything from the comfort of your home.

Our offer of stays in the SPA consists of various elements

A lot of people in senior age tend to close themselves. Don't avoid others. Conversely, you follow the tendencies of active people who have decided to make life more enjoyable and to strengthen their health stays for seniors. Active health leave is not bad in any way. And it doesn't matter how long it takes. In the offer of the Internet portal, whose domain is the spa and tourism, you will find weekend, weekly and longer tourist packages. Not only for seniors, but also for all lovers of modern wellness project.
Ventilate cabinets and start packing on paths
In the privacy of a single room, which you can book through the Internet in a variety of spa locations, you will have time alone to settle your thoughts. And when you get tired, you have the opportunity to meet a social, cultural and sporting adventure. The mature cultural program is inherently a spa. Like traditional massages, wraps, baths, effective healing springs and quality professional medical care.